Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Shameless Self Promotion

– Finally, My New Business Card –
All graphics and photos: L A Promotional Design & Photography

Front / Back
All Occasion Photography:
Corporate Events  •  Professional Installations  •  Products  •  Private Parties 
Engagements / Weddings / Anniversaries / Proms  •  Vacations  •  Fundraisers
Award Dinners  •  Sporting Events  •  Location Portraits  •  Newborns / Birthdays
Grand Openings  •  Bands / Concerts  •  Nature  •  Conservation  •  Historical

Custom Designed Advertising:
Logo Design  •  Complete Identity  •  Billboards  •  Apparel 
 Album / CD Packaging  •  Brochures  •  Website Content  •  Illustrations
Vehicle / Door / Window Graphics  •  Publication Ads  •  Photo Retouching  •  Posters
Banners  •  Catalogs  •  Labels  •  All Occasion Cards  •  Menus

... and many more to come.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Random Photography

– From the Atlantic to the Pacific –
L A Promotional Design & Photography

I just have way too many photos – folders upon folders – the collection is over-flowing and I don't know where to start or end this post.
So here we go on a quick journey over 7,000 miles across the US, starting in Amherst and downtown Buffalo ...

Near the UB bike path
Market Arcade Cinema

Navy Week
at the Marina

 ... and back to Hawai'i Island!

Love the airport - KOA
Geckos and birds enjoying Papayas
Sugarcane Spider - looks scary, I am told he is harmless!
The road to Volcano

The road from Waimea

Hilo...rainy and lush

Kona...prefectly sunny
Captain Cook...coffee country, higher altitude, pretty rainy
South  Point... dry and WINDY!