Sunday, December 1, 2013

Rare Photography

– Hawai'ian Monk Seal 'H01' and Her Baby KeoKea –
All photos: L A Promotional Design & Photography


 The Hawai'ian Monk Seal is one of the most endangered marine mammals in the world, and their numbers are declining. This 10-week old baby and his mom have taken up residence at Keokea Beach, where the launch ramp area is closed and will remain this way for another month.  There are volunteers watching over them until the park closes before dark.
There is a table there with information and flyers from the Monk Seal Foundation, hoping to educate everyone that comes to witness this rare event.  There are only 6 Monk Seals on the Big Island, 4 are adult males plus this little boy.

These Monk Seals are barely visible against the rocks – Mom blends in, while baby just looks like shiny black rubber.

He was pretty restless the whole time I was there, just like any other little kid. You can see what are probably bite marks all over mom because he just wants to play!

He tries a different position, thinking his cuteness will wake her up.

Then he gets bold and decides to venture out on his own.

Mom is finally paying attention.

She calls him to come back.

I wonder if he can hear her under water!  She is now in pursuit.

Sassy little kid!

Baby ignores mom.

Mom corrals baby.

I am  now volunteering to help secure a long happy life for these two, and hopefully many more!

**sad note**  At 10 months old, KeoKea was found with a large fishing hook lodged in his lung, he died from his injuries.  I have an attachment to this baby, and this loss has been hard for me and the entire Response Network to deal with.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Wavy Photography

– Big Surf Saturday –
All photos: L A Promotional Design & Photography


We started out the day watching surfers and sailboats at Kohanaiki / Pine Trees in North Kona.

We eventually made our way to Honokohau Marina to join our friends for a sail!
The water was deep sea blue, the crashing waves were amazing!  Taking pictures on a rolling ocean creates some motion blur, but they are pretty cool anyway. 

There were caves and 'waterfalls' – so much to see from the other side!

The crashing got bigger...

.. then we headed back in to the calm of the Harbor.  Thanks for the great ride!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Trashy Photography

– The Most Evil Substance –
L A Promotional Design & Photography

According to the US Energy Information Administration:  In 2010 (the most recent year for this data) about 191 million barrels of LPG (liquid petroleum gases) and NGL (natural gas liquids) were used in the United States alone to make plastic products.

I couldn't wait to see my first Octopus in Hawai'ian waters, but I didn't think it would be like this.  
As I was doing my almost-daily coastal cleanup I came across another carelessly tossed plastic cup, but this one was worse than usual.  Maybe this poor baby mistakenly used it for protection, but it eventually washed up on shore with him trapped inside.  
I was too late to save him, and that still makes me so sad – 
he is just one of  thousands of unfortunate ocean creatures stuck in humanity's mess.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wall Photography

– My First Display! –
All photos: L A Promotional Design & Photography


It's a good start and I am very excited!  
Thanks to Ali Blackmore, Fairway Terrace Board President, I have a wall in our community building. 

Old barn up north in Waimea

Same barn - Waimea.  Unfortunately the horses were camera shy.

It seems weird to see cactus on a mid-Pacific island, but Hawai'i has 8 different climate zones: 
from Humid / Tropical to Arid to Tundra!

Maui, as I see it every day by walking down my street!

Sunset across the golf course.

Dramatic scene from my lanai - I never have to travel far for a breathtaking view.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Publication Ad

– Kohala Property Full Page Ads –
L A Promotional Design & Photography

One of my recent ads features the premiere Broker and Designer on Hawai'i Island, featuring her exquisite design ability! 
Similar layouts will be used for future publications, to enhance recognition of the Kohala Property brand:

This advertisement is in Homes and Land Hawaii specifically to assist in the selling process.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Racey Photography

– The Annual Queen Lili'uokalani Race –
L A Promotional Design & Photography

This is the world's largest outrigger canoe race, which takes place every year on Labor Day weekend.  

Single hull canoes, double hull canoes, and stand up paddleboards raced from Kailua Bay to Honaunau, Lymans, and Casa em Deko.

There were teams from all over the Islands and all over the world, including Singapore, UK, the Netherlands and Canada!

This little dog did a lot of laps in the bay!