Thursday, October 17, 2019

Wild Photography

 Adirondack Wildlife Refuge 
L A Promotional Design & Photography

My 3 favorite words ever. Nothing fills my heart more ~ in the world of wildlife ~ than working so hard to make critters fat and happy, then having the privilege of sending them home! 

*Most of these photos were taken through wire enclosures. That was a trick!

 Everyone has a story. 
These siblings were taken from their mother as cubs. She was a "movie bear" back in the day.
Since then they have been stuck in captivity and cared for by humans for their entire, unnatural lives.  Well, except for their great escape a few months before this photo, when they were loose on the town! But then were easily lured back to their enclosure with food. They must have been starving, not ever given the opportunity to fend for themselves.

The Coyote's gaze is so intense. I was also lucky enough to see one crossing the road ~ safely!

With a broken wing, this Bald Eagle is permanently disabled and unfortunately cannot go home.

~ Falcons ~

~ Owls ~

~ Vulture ~

There are no words to describe hearing the collective howl of wolves breaking the dead silence of a misty Adirondack morning.

Although some animals cannot be released back into the wild for various health reasons, they are well taken care of in this facility, and have a safe, peaceful place to live out their lives in the company of their own kind.

This gorgeous cat was too shy to show his face. I understand!