Friday, February 22, 2013

CD Art

– The Beauty of the Harpsichord –
All graphics: L A Promotional Design & Photography

according to the Executive Producer:
A critic from the LA Times and Gramophone saw this CD and LOVED it, and requested a review copy. 

Inside Panel / Back Cover / Front Cover
Inside Panels / CD
Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra is a master of the Harpsichord, playing music that was written in the mid-1600s.
  The painting on this beautiful instrument was the inspiration for my design and color choices, of which Pamela was thrilled.  
I am overwhelmed that my name appears in her "Special Credits" section!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Night Light Photography

– Night Lights at the Erie County Botanical Gardens –
All photos: L A Promotional Design & Photography

Buffalo Botanical Gardens
*These pictures were taken in mostly darkness, without a tripod or a flash, and virtually no enhancement! 
There was much bending, twisting, breath-holding, and impromptu yoga involved to get the most unusual (200) shots 
– which was a lot of fun – but it is extremely difficult to pick only a few to post here!

It was a 5 degree February evening in South Buffalo, but the warm, colorful glow 
from the other side of the frosty windows was spectacular!  
(This photo would have been Peter's favorite)

The big, beautiful dome is the first room at the Gardens.

So many different views of the waterfall. always changing with the lighting.

Sometimes the shadows and silhouettes were the best part!  (There are plants too)

I am not exactly sure what this is ... possibly me falling out of one of my yoga positions!