Monday, July 18, 2016

Flowing Photography

 An Incredible Journey ~ Part 1 
L A Promotional Design & Photography

Our difficult 10+ mile hike to the 61G Lava Flow began in a steady rain. We trekked though a vast area lovingly referred to as Kalapana Gardens, where most people actually live in tiny, simple structures off-grid, right on top of the 1990 lava flow!

Imagine looking out your window and seeing this!

The rain continued, it poured and drizzled for the most of the 4.5 hours we were out there. As we watched fiery fingers branching out in all directions, there would be bursts of flames as it burned through sections of forest that were previously left untouched, now smoldering in it's path.

The emergency gravel road we walked was created due to the June 2015 flow which was headed to Route 130 and the Pahoa Marketplace. 
It threatened to cut off access to residents and split the town in half, while on a widening path to destroy homes and property. Fortunately, and for reasons unknown, it managed to burn only a small area before it stopped a few hundred feet from Pahoa Village Road.

When the lava cools it creates endless patterns and shapes with sparkly colors!

Hawai'i Island is the youngest in the chain so far, and watching more land being created before your eyes is an unforgettable experience.

I'm pretty sure this is the Goddess of Fire, Madame Pele, carefully listening to her Island.

The sky finally cleared to the south as the sun set, and it was a very long, dark hike back to the truck. The 2 hour, nerve-wracking drive back to Waikoloa was just as dark, foggy and rainy ~ the winding craziness of Saddle Road makes the drive OH so interesting!!

*Due to circumstances beyond our control, we were unable to make it to the actual flow front, another bunch of miles hiking over lava. But I have a revised plan and will continue this story soon!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Sanctuary Photography

 Portraits of a Happy Farm
L A Promotional Design & Photography

This is Albert. He came to Asha Sanctuary at one day old.
We heard a very emotional story told by Tracy Murphy, the founder of this very small (but growing!) farm in Newfane, NY. She was told by the veterinarian that he would probably not survive the night, which he spent inside her beautiful farm house with constant supervision and care! 

Here he is, two years later, with a ton of personality, making friends with humans and the other happy creatures who were lucky enough to be rescued.

I spent some time sitting in the large, well-built coop with the hens. This one was very curious about all the sounds my camera was making! They are all very sweet and sat comfortably next to me. 

A lot of people don't know what a turkey really looks like. The white ones are specifically bred to look like this, wild turkeys are actually very colorful!
Cruelty at a Turkey Farm Here's a disturbing story and video that shows what your Thanksgiving dinner actually is ~ the inconvenient truth. 

Kate with Lindsay and Dawn.

Angela keeping watch over her piggy friend.

A friendly little sheep, also fascinated with my camera!

I have never met a "Fainting Goat" before, but here is Michael! He stayed upright during our visit, as we did not scare him at all.

There is so much to learn. Respect all life ~ go VEGAN.