Friday, April 1, 2022

Raging Photography

 Shooting The Falls 

L A Promotional Design & Photography


We live so close to Niagara Falls and the Canadian border that I don't think about it being a major world attraction. But it is one of my favorite places to go – the rapids are mesmerizing, the falls are spectacular!

I have spent a lot of my life there, mainly around 28th Street, as most of my relatives lived in "The Falls". We visited there nearly every Sunday and I have so many great memories.

Jolene my rescue puppy is the best assistant and wonderful company!

The Gulls are fun to watch.

This is hardly recognizable as the Horseshoe Falls!

This is probably my favorite! Still a mountain of snow leftovers.

It took us a while to get across the steel deck bridges, Jolene is a bit scared of pretty much everything.

I know I will be going back soon!