Monday, June 18, 2012

Nature Photography

– Lake Erie Shoreline –
L A Promotional Design & Photography

This is not the Buffalo most people are used to.  No joke - it is the middle of downtown, and it is June. 
If you hang around the Erie Basin Marina long enough, you will almost always be treated to an amazing sunset!

My city is very small, more like a large town, and from the lighthouse it is model-sized.

Fun with Sea Gulls

I understand that sea gulls are thought of as nothing more than "rats of the sky".  
The truth is, like every other animal on this planet, they serve a useful purpose that perpetuates the cycle of life and our well-being. 

I prefer to think of them as "sanitation workers of the sky" as they scavenge up great numbers of dead animals and organic litter which could pose a health threat to humans.  So feel free to thank one the next time you see him... or her.
The one creature I don't think serves any purpose at all is the fly.  Eeew.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spring Photography

– The Blooming Season –
L A Promotional Design & Photography

I am so happy to be back at my Blog, today ... here in my bright studio on a springy Buffalo Day, 
with perfect sunny streams floating through my window on a cool-ish breeze. 
The past two months have been very busy with design and photo work, which is lucky for me – 
I find it strangely empowering to pay bills.

I love spring time around Walton Woods!  

Every morning there is some new form of nature to coexist with.
The only thing I really dislike about a journey through the woods is constantly having to clean up garbage!  
Must people be so trashy??

This little guy is one of my favorites. I don't know what he is, other than a great swimmer!
I get to watch him paddle over to the bank...

...collect his grass...

 ...then swim all the way across the (small) lake to continue building his home. Or her nest!
I would love to see those little furry babies, but haven't yet.

Geese are the most abundant water fowl around our ponds.  
They are amazing animals, very protective, family-oriented, intelligent, and sometimes a bit scary!  Or goofy.

It's not very often you see one parent with the brood. 

When they choose a mate they are together for life.  I have a lot of respect for a relationship like that!

There are always Painted Turtles hiding in the trees.  
Unfortunately I am never quiet enough so there are already two in the water!