Monday, January 30, 2012

Nature Photography

– Excerpts From The Woods –
L A Promotional Design & Photography

Take only pictures ...

Nature Photography @ Night

– Trees In The Snow –
All photos and graphics: L A Promotional Design & Photography

A street light and some long exposure time gave these photos their strange glow, no color enhancement necessary.  
It was a beautiful Western New York snowfall last night!

The image above is from the same collection, but I had some fun with it!

Friday, January 27, 2012

On Sabres Ice

– AV Solutions Promo –
(Toshiba is the official office equipment provider of the Buffalo Sabres)
All photographs: L A Promotional Design & Photography

After having fun with both formal and informal photos, I watched them 'film' their TV ad.  
It was one of my favorite shoots, for obvious reasons!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CD Promotion

– Brooklyn Suite –
All graphics, Brooklyn Bridge photo: L A Promotional Design & Photography
2 Outside Panels,  Back / Front Cover
Inside Pages
Outside Tray Card, Inside Card & CD

8 page gate fold CD insert, tray card and label, CD release party poster and postcard created for 
Christopher Jentsch, Brooklyn, NY.
One of the first projects I created for him – another happy client who came back for more!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nature Photography

– Glen Park Falls –
LA Promotional Design & Photography

These photos are of "The Falls" at "The Glen", which is now a great place in the middle of "The Ville" for a leisurely stroll, 
some friendly conversation over your SPOT coffee, and hanging out with "The Ducks".  

But I remember going to Glen Park Casino & Amusement Park when I was ... oh ... around 5 or 6 – a  V E R Y  long time ago.
It was an always-crowded, small park down in the glen (of all places), between the falls and the red water mill, 
where my parents would take me to play Skeeball and ride the kiddie rides!

The Casino was built in the 40's, slightly before my time, housing a theater and restaurant.
I remember a huge fire destroying a nightclub on the property (the "Inferno") when I was 8 years old.  
I believe that a second fire in 1973 claimed the rest.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou, Planet Earth!

– More Than a Roll of the Dice –
All graphics and photos: L A Promotional Design & Photography

 Earth's largest animal, the endangered Blue Whale can eat 4 to 8 tons of tiny shrimp like animals called Krill.
Blue Whales reach the mind-boggling dimension of 100' in length on a diet composed nearly exclusively of Krill, 
filtered in through their baleen.

Most of the humans I know are not equipped with baleen, therefore have no biological need to ingest Krill for any reason.
You can take my blogged word for it, tiny shrimp like animals are best left to the endangered sea life (including the mammoth Humpback) who rely on it for their very existence. 
They don't ask for much!

Oceans at least 2.5 miles deep cover nearly 70 percent of Earth's surface.  East of the Great Barrier Reef, the proposed Coral Sea Commonwealth Marine Reserve would cover about 385,000 square miles — bigger than France and Germany combined. 

A major breakththrough in conservation!  But considering the actual size of the oceans, and the rate at which we are losing our free swimming and coral animals, it is imperative that we reserve a LOT more space in every corner of the world.  
Each animal and plant on this planet, without exception, is here to set a perfect balance of nature.  Unfortunately for all of us, this balance has been disrupted by the presence of human selfishness and a false sense of entitlement.  

As a result, the Earth is getting windier, while 2011 is shaping up to be one of the ten hottest years on record, even during La Niña – historically a periodic cooling of the eastern tropical Pacific.  

Much more needs to be done, on land and sea, to protect what we have and possibly even reverse these trends.
Learn more... your planet needs you!